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Reentry: A Total Eclipse, a Bee Gee Dies and the Staples Center Shuffle

Sunday’s annular eclipse through binoculars in Sacramento, CA.

(Turn around), every now and then the moon passes in front of the sun, leaving only a golden ring around its edges. Such was the case across China, Japan and the West Coast of the United States on Sunday, where the annular eclipse was most visible. Elsewhere, as expected, the eclipse was incredibly anticlimactic and simply led to some late-afternoon impromptu sneezing.

For those who stared at it too long, here’s what you may have missed over weekend...

Robin Gibb (left) and brother Barry at London’s Heathrow Airport in 1967.

RIP TO ANOTHER BEE GEE Robin Gibb, one of the three founding members and vocalists of the Bee Gees, died Sunday after battling cancer. He was 62. Too much heaven, indeed.

JP MORGAN $2 billion, it seems, was the good news. CNN Money reports that loses from JPMorgan Chase’s now-infamous trade will likely be closer to $7 billion. And as you probably guessed, this is all because the bank’s chief investment officer contracted Lyme disease. Wait, what?

BIDDING ON BIRD’S SAX Here’s how Charlie Parker’s beloved saxophone ended up a Michaan’s Auctions item: fellow musician Bill Hood befriended and jammed with Parker at a Portland jazz club back in the day. One night, Parker arrived at the gig without his instrument. When Hood asked where it was, Parker explained that he’d pawned it to buy drugs. Shocked, Hood demanded that Parker retrieve his instrument. A belligerent Parker told Hood that if it was so important to him, he was welcome to have it, and handed him the pawn ticket. Jazz historian Bob Dietsche tells the whole story here, and the sax will be sold to the highest bidder on June 8. Just as Yardbird intended...

THE STAPLES CENTER SHUFFLE Safe to say the facilities crew at the Staples Center is sleeping in this morning after a weekend that saw the Kings, Lakers and Clippers all battle it out on the same floor. See above for one of the cooler time-lapse videos we’ve seen this year.

And don’t look now, but there’s a Triple Crown threat headed to the Belmont.

Can do, can do...