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Recapping the Market Week Recaps

  • Najib Benouar

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about stuff you can’t get your hands on for six months to a year—so we usually hit menswear market week with a notebook and a calendar, with the intention of giving you the scoop on our favorite finds once they’re available. But you might have noticed a few behind-the-scenes photos from the trade room floors floating around the Internet this past week. So, even if it’s too early to talk specifics, it's an opportunity to take the pulse of next year’s trends. And here are the four major details we noticed that kept popping up—on recaps, display racks and the #menswear faithful in attendance.

Decoding menswear market week after the jump.

Camo is here to stay, but with the entire spectrum of all-over prints (yes, even Hawaiian) getting the menswear stamp of approval, expect to see more whimsical variations like this one from Ian Velardi. (via GQ)

We’ve already mentioned our soft spot for the funfetti-cake-esque Donegal fleck, and the gents over at DelToro have taken it one step further by putting it on the sole of a shoe. (Note: funfetti menswear is now a thing.) (via Tucked Style)

The bucket hat. Seriously. It’s happening. (This one's from the Billy Kirk crew.) Spring 2013 might finally be the year we see Gilligan-chic become a real thing. (via Wax-Wane)

Denim jackets. Pair with a cable-knit sweater and a scarf, and you’re ready for anything a brisk day sends your way. Throw an oxford button-down in the mix and you can start wearing this come fall. (header image and above via The Sig Other)