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Rating LBM's Spring/Summer Lookbook

Those L.B.M. 1911 blazers we showed you last month have finally gotten the lookbook treatment, and the resulting pics are pretty spectacular. They’re also... how to put this... ridiculously Italian.

It makes sense. After all, L.B.M. is a 100-year Milan brand, and not absolutely everything is going to work across the Atlantic. But in the interest of keeping the Italophiles honest, we’ve put together a guide to separate the flashes of menswear brilliance from the flashes of chest hair. Gentlemen, things are about to get real...

The Good Part: The blazer, the who-gives-a-damn half-flip of the lapel. The Ridiculously Italian Part: If your V-neck is deeper than the strap of your messenger bag, something has gone wrong.

The Good Part: The ring belt, the polo shirt under a suit, the expression of rakish, well-groomed concern. The Ridiculously Italian Part: His pocket square may be about to take flight.

The Good Part: The blue-red-gray color scheme, the batik pocket square, the chambray-like texture of the undershirt. The Ridiculously Italian Part: By our count, he’s only buttoned two buttons.

The Good Part:Using the functional buttons to roll the sleeves, the broad gray check of the jacket set against the blue of the scarf.The Ridiculously Italian Part: The guylights, the apparent absence of a shirt.

This one should speak for itself.