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Quinn's Cast of Characters

  • Jared Paul Stern

Duncan Quinn

We've often wondered where impeccably-tailored restaurateur Jack Lamb gets his togs; naturally we assumed he zips over to London to patronize one of the hipper Savile Row offshoots. The extra flair in his ensembles should have tipped us off however to the hand of New York's own [Duncan Quinn](, whose clothes are “constructed to celebrate days of glory and nights of excess.”

Lamb (pictured here in a prepossessing pinstripe) appears in a gallery of “Sartorial Characters” photographed by Henry Leutwyler as part of an ongoing project to document Quinn's cast of real-life Downtown dandies. Other members of the well-cut club (the first of whom can be seen on Quinn's website), include nightlife entrepreneurs Serge Becker and John McDonald.

We also noticed a beauteous bespoke Quinn creation adorning *New York Times* 'T' magazine features director/online guru Horacio Silva at a party celebrating the mag's web launch duringArt Basel. Of course he was hard to miss among all the slobs.