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Quick Nic

  • Jared Paul Stern


The latest news from the front regarding the Brad and Angelina of the international set has it that they may have already tied the knot. French daily *L'Est Republicain* is quoting a reliable source close to someone who claims to have attended our boy Nic's secret nuptials last week at the Elysée palace. Apparently he sealed the deal with supermodel Carla Bruni after presenting her with a $30,000 white gold Dior ring.

Sarkozy's office has issued a terse “no comment” however while Bruni's mother Marisa says she's unaware of any wedding. Meanwhile there's speculation the couple may honeymoon in the Valpolicella wine country near Verona. The Nicster's upcoming official visits to India and Windsor Castle might provide the real answer; unless he and Carla have officially gotten hitched by then, they'll not only be relegated to separate bedrooms but she'll be treated more like a cleaning lady than First Lady at official functions.


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