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Q and Not U


With the Weinstein kingdom resting on the success of Inglourious Basterds, it’s no surprise to see Quentin Tarantino hitting the press circuit as if his scalp depended on it. Knowing Harvey, it just might. But what’s bad news for the director’s sleep schedule is good news for connoisseurs of amusingly pompous movie rants.

Today, Anne Thompson dug up a batch of introductions Tarantino recorded for the Sky Movie Channel in Europe. There’s an appropriately gushing Taxi Driver appraisal and a brutally candid introduction to Sunshine, which turns into a tirade against an unusually flawed ending. A choice selection: “The third act tumbling of Sunshine goes far beyond disappointment. The feeling I experienced was one of betrayal.” Enjoy the show?

But the crown jewel is Q’s grappling with his favorite masterpiece of the past few years, There Will Be Blood. He loves it, he envies it, he fears it, and he wants to restrain himself but he can’t avoid taking a few shots at Paul Dano. If you want to see what semi-curdled auteur envy looks like, we’ve got a clip for you: