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Putting It In Context


In honor of today’s Context flash sale, we’re playing buy/sell/hold with some of the more intriguing items. (For those unversed in market lingo, “buy” means buy, “sell” means don’t buy, and “hold” means only if you want to.) The stock ranges from Woolrich flannels to Nigel Cabourn’s loudest trench coat, and we’re tackling it without pity.

Band of Outsiders Coated Cotton Anorak On paper, it looks great: 30% off on an off-season item from one of the most coveted labels there is. So what’s the problem? Well, that retail price is only a state of mind—and once it’s out of the picture, you’re left with a $600 parka that’s nigh-indistinguishable from the $200 version.The Verdict: Sell

Woolrich Woolen Mills Flannel We love WWM and we love flannel…but this won’t wash either. Time your play right, and you should be able to pick up a top-shelf winter shirt for under $100…The Verdict: Sell

Dunderdon Shirt Jacket For instance, this one. It’s a little scruffier than the Woolrich version, but this is the kind of off-season markdown you should be looking for.The Verdict: Buy

Nigel Cabourn Trench Coat This is what they call a signature piece. $600 isn’t too much to pay for a great trench coat (stopped by Mackintosh lately?), but the real cost here can’t be measured in dollars. To make it worthwhile, you’re going to have to wear this quite a bit. Inevitably, you’re going to be the guy with the crazy trench coat. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, its identity will start to overwhelm your own. All of which is good news. It’s beautiful! Just know what you’re getting into. The Verdict: Buy

ts(s) Western Tie The good news: if you’re going to buy a western tie, this is the one to buy, and this is the price to buy it at. The bad news: you’re not going to buy a western tie.The Verdict: Hold