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Private Eyes: Square Frames


In our all consuming quest to keep you looking your nattiest, it’s once again time for our monthly look at your face. Or at least the glasses sitting on it. With the help of our good friends Jordan and Erik from Silver Lining Opticians—our vote for the best specs shop in all the land—we’re going to bring you the vintage shades you should be wearing, one category at a time. And if something catches your eye, just shoot Jordan an email and he’ll set you up.

Frames have been getting pretty round lately, but by our lights, the angular style of sunglasses is due for a revival, and the second time through should be a touch more accessible. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present…square-frame sunglasses.


Art-Optic Time: Late 70s Secret Weapon: Double-bridge, tint-fading from the outside, a remarkable aptitude with computers. Inspiration: Early Steve Jobs


Persol Ratti Time: Mid 70s Secret Weapon: Leopard-print acetate, subtle inward slant, and a sunny glow that actually makes things look brighter. Inspiration: Marcello Mastroanni on the surface of the sun.


Ray-Ban Drifter Time: 80s Secret Weapon: It’s all about the upper bar. Inspiration: The one and only Tone Loc. Wild thing!


John Sterling Time: 1980s Secret Weapon: A large frame with ultra-rare faux-wood marbling, effectively one of a kind. Inspiration: A tie between John McEnroe and the forest


Dunhill Time: 1970s Secret Weapon: Diamond-weave metal temples, lightweight striped-plastic front, occasional x-ray vision. Inspiration: Joe Namath in a fur coat


Alain Mikli Time: The 80s Secret Weapon: Triple acetate for 3D patterns. 20 years later, still looks like the future. Inspiration: Tron


Bolle Time: The 90s Secret Weapon: The sports model gets a little sharper, but we’d say these are a little too precious to take on the field. Inspiration: A pre-Matrix Keanu.


Paloma Picasso Time: 1980s Secret Weapon: A post-modern take on the Wayfarer, bright yellow blinds opponents. Inspiration: Jay-Z on a good day.


Ray-Ban Caravan Time: 1940s through 2009 Secret Weapon: Original Baush & Lomb RB’s bring the aviator into the square frame camp. Inspiration: Christian Bale in a biker gang.