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Pricing the Blackbird Sale


Blackbird just kicked off their semi-annual sale, so we thought we’d guide you through the stock in the language of the market. Here’s what to buy, what to sell, and what to hold.

Robert Geller Flight Jacket This is tough, because we really love this jacket—we’re thinking the 23rd century equivalent of Chuck Yeager—but it just won’t wash. Our baseline for this type of light outerwear is the Baracuta G9, which you can pick up for $250 at the maximum markup. This is a nicer item, sure, but it’s also on final discount, and we have to think it’ll drop below $400 at some point. We’ll hold out for the sample sale. The Verdict: Sell

Yuketen Guide Boots This hinges on whether you see any backwoods adventuring in your future…but these are a pretty handsome pair of boots if you do. By the same logic used above, a pair of Red Wings will set you back $250, and these are worth the extra hundred. This is the best price you’ll see on a pair of Yuketens for quite a while. The Verdict: Buy

Blackbird Floral Bow Tie This bow tie achieves the impossible: dark, mysterious…yet still a bowtie. The bad news: it’s still a bowtie, so we understand if you want to let this one go by. The Verdict: Hold

Blackbird Naturally Dyed Oxford Shirt (alt size) This one’s a house favorite around these parts, so we’ll restrain our gushing—except to say that it’s a one-of-a-kind item and more versatile than you think. And while they’ve been through plenty of sales, we’ve never seen them dip any lower than they are now. The Verdict: Weak Buy

Insight Denim Jacket For $76, this jacket does a lot of things right. There’s the broken-in denim, the gently forward-thinking design, and the general feeling that it wouldn’t look out of place on a motorcycle. But we’re still going to have to warn you off. If you’re in the market for a distressed denim jacket, you should be looking on the vintage market, not in boutiques. You’ll find a cooler item on eBay or your local vintage shop for a lot less money. Unless of course, you’re suddenly struck with love for those rivets. The Verdict: Hold