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Preparing for Summer the Alabaman Way

  • Najib Benouar


Alabama has become an unlikely bastion of bloggerly menswear in the past few years, thanks to Billy Reid’s triumphant return home and a surprisingly hip men’s shop that’s recently sprung up in Mobile by the name of Lyonstate.

The owner made her menswear bones in NYC running A.P.C.’s American wholesale operation, so the stock has that citified Southern dandy feel that Alabama is becoming known for. You’ll find everything from Maine-made loafers to Lyonstate’s new in-house line of summer-ready shirting in lightweight oxford cottons and a particularly slick white chambray. (Needless to say, you can trust an Alabaman to outfit you for the warmer months.)

Oh, and did we mention our pals over at UrbanDaddy Perks are readying you for the upcoming summer with 50 or 100 extra bucks in spending power (essentially 33% off your final tally) at Lyonstate’s webshop this week?

Well, we have now. You’re welcome.