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Power Ranking Robert De Niro’s On-Screen Style


Restaurateur, philanthropist, master of the skeptical scowl: Bobby De Niro’s passions go well beyond the silver screen.

But with the first reels of this year’s installment of the Tribeca Film Festival rolling tomorrow night—an event that owes the esteemed actor no small debt of gratitude—we’ve found ourselves considering his more theatrical endeavors. And, of course, the sartorial stylings that have gone with them.

Without further ado, let us present our ranking of Robert De Niro’s finest moments in on-screen style:

0416deniro120. Brazil

0416deniro219. Mean Streets

0416deniro318. Bang the Drum Slowly

0416deniro417. Jackie Brown

0416deniro516. Angel Heart

05_Flatbed_WEB - FEBRUARY15. Once Upon a Time in America

0416deniro714. Midnight Run

0416deniro813. Silver Linings Playbook

0416deniro912. Raging Bull

0416deniro1011. Heat

0416deniro1110. Hi, Mom!

0416deniro129. The Deer Hunter

0416deniro138. Cape Fear

0416deniro147. Ronin

0416deniro156. Goodfellas

0416deniro165. Wag the Dog

0416deniro174. The Untouchables

0416deniro183. Taxi Driver

MCDGOTW EC0012. The Godfather: Part II

0416deniro201. Casino