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Pocket Sized


We’re not much for the high-profile gadget hustle, which is why we’ve given the iPad circus a pretty wide berth this week. But we will say that, as men of style, we’re glad its’ not pocket-sized.

The past couple years have seen a flood of slightly-too-large plastic bricks arrive on the market, each indispensable enough to pose a serious threat the shape of the American pocket. In case you’ve forgotten, we’ll say it again: the less you have in your pants, the better they look. You’re running a risk with anything larger than a RAZR. (Remember those?) But that kind of logic doesn’t do very well against the draw of an iPhone.

Which is why we were happy to see this year’s gamechanger is too large to fit into anything other than a bag. Surely this time around, we could have a gadget that didn’t deform the world’s pant legs or violate any unspoken laws of decorum.

Then, of course, we saw this…