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Pleats: Eight Visual Arguments in Favor

Fred Astaire

For those about to pleat, we salute you.

We also caution you: you’re about to embark on some next-level sartorial shit here. On this, the first day of November in the year of our lord 2013, pleats are in an awkward stage—formerly loved, formerly loathed, now somewhere in between. Wearing them now means you’re either wildly ahead of the curve, or so far behind the curve you don’t really know what you’re doing (in which case, you’re probably not reading Kempt).

But if you’ve been thinking of wading into the great, billowy sea of pleats, we implore you to stop, look (at these iconic men wearing pleats) and listen (to the style secrets these photos provide).

Behold, eight visual arguments in favor of pleats (including one above from Mr. Astaire).

1031Pleat_carygrantCary Grant

1031Pleat_seanconnerySean Connery

gŽantJames Dean

1031Pleat_cooperlancasterGary Cooper and Burt Lancaster

1031Pleat_gereRichard Gere

1031Pleat_ferryBryan Ferry

1031Pleat_gekkoGordon Gekko

(Many thanks to the sporting crew at The Selvedge Yard for some of the imaging.)