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Playing Telephone


Apple just finished their annual developer conference, where they rolled out a new line of MacBooks and the iPhone 3GS, but otherwise the pickings were pretty slim.

There were a handful of new features that non-Apple firms have been refining for years (voice commands, MMS, and remote medical tech among others) along with a long string of incremental updates, but the most impressive function was something they picked up from a 30 Rock episode. Absent-minded techies: your time has come.

Under the new operating system, anyone signed up for Apple’s MobileMe service will be able to use "Find my iPhone" to lock, geolocate and even remotely erase their iPhone in case it falls into the wrong hands. It’s also programmed to let out a stress-inducing shriek, on the off-chance it’s hidden between the couch cushions.

Not bad, but we were hoping Jobs & Co. had a bit more in store for us this time around, especially given the splashes the previous two iPhone models made. It looks like Steve can’t get back soon enough.