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Petra Nemcova has been stranded on this beach since 2003

  • Najib Benouar

The Roger Ebert Of Rap: We sat through all the broadsheet journalist fat-chewing over Watch The Thrown's braggadocio and income-gap rap, but all along we just wondered how Ghostface Killah felt about the whole thing. [Big Ghost Chronicles]

The P.Diddy Of Prep: Ralph Lauren goes for a name change. Drops the Polo prefix. [Selectism]

What You're Watching This Weekend: With the arrival of 30 Minutes or Less, Vulture declares this the summer of raunch-com and conducts an empirical study on the seven raunchiest of 2011. [Vulture]

Your Weekly Dose Of Tie Porn: Courtesy of Mr. Mort. [Mr. Mort]