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The tides of fashion are complex and difficult to predict, so it’s nice when we get the chance to give a clear, definitive answer.

Which is why we felt we should to respond to Gizmodo’s latest query, Does the iPad Make Man Purses Okay Now? It’s an interesting question, and we’re glad they brought it up. The answer is no.

Not at all.

Not even a little.

In case you forgot, there’s already a pretty good option for carrying large, flat, fragile objects. It’s called a briefcase. (Here’s a good one, if you need to refresh your memory.) It did pretty well carrying your laptop up until now, and before that it was plenty wide to handle any magazines or books (remember those?) you may have been lugging around.

In short, your gadgets may have changed, but don’t get caught up into thinking you need a new set of accessories to match. It should be a good toy, judging by what our friends in the magazine world are cooking up, but the less it intrudes on your style, the better.