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A museum is a great place to spend an afternoon—especially if you’re beating a hangover—but there isn’t a lot to do there besides stroll quietly and look at art. If they let you bring over a few friends, some food, and something to drink, then you might be onto something.

Apparently the Guggenheim had the same idea we did.

One of the items on the block at their annual gala auction is a new years’ eve bash in the central lobby of the spiral-shaped museum. You’ll get a private dinner party for ten, a live feed from Times Square and whatever live entertainment they can arrange for you. (They mean string quartets or a chanteuse, but nothing too exciting.) After that, a lucky couple gets to spend the night on a revolving bed at the bottom of the spiral, staring up at the spinning spiral above them. We'd suggest smuggling in something stronger than champagne...but that's just us.

We like the idea of using museums for non-museum purposes, and if it helps them get a little extra funds, so much the better. After all, it seems like a waste to have such a fantastic building and only ever use it for one thing. Now if they would just listen to our roller derby idea…