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Ovadia & Sons’ New Looks, 10 Reasons Vintage Clothes Suck and Visiting LEGO Baseball Stadiums

  • Kempt Staff


Standing O: GQ gets an exclusive first look at the latest crop of handsomeness from the brothers Ovadia. (It does not disappoint.)

Certified Pre-Owned: Despite what heritage-obsessed bloggers (and Macklemore) might have you believe, buying vintage clothes can be a total crapshoot—and Four Pins has had enough of the glad-handing.

Batter Up: The Louisville Slugger factory has just opened a new exhibit featuring some impressive LEGO renditions of MLB’s most iconic stadiums (and, curiously, Derek Jeter’s face).

Polos on Polos on Polos: Esquire reports on the hotly anticipated polo shirts from Michael Bastian that have just hit Uniqlo’s webshop.