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Our Three Favorite Shoes From Compass


So, we spent yesterday touring the Compass Show and taking in a truly mind-boggling quantity of shoes, and we couldn’t resist a quick roundup. To that end, here’s three of our favorites, ranging from back-country wingtips to Hef-worthy slippers.

Billy Reid Distressed Wingtip(the pic’s up top)

Billy Reid’s been mining the “rustic gentleman” vibe for quite some time, but you rarely see it as purely distilled as it is here. It looks like a trad’s favorite lace-up after three months in the woods—which is a pretty good look, now that we think of it.


Pony City Wings

These guys might look familiar, but we say if you’re going for an 80s sneaker, go the whole way. That means a DMC-worthy spaceman hi-top in the good ol’ red, white, and blue. Extra points for wearing it with a white suit, in a music video.


Maians Tasseled Canvas Loafer

The leisure shoe doesn’t get much attention, but for a casual Sunday afternoon, this might be the best shoe in the whole lot. It’s offbeat, just textured enough to be interesting, and generally looks like something a minor English duke might wear if he wanted to cause a scandal. Oh, those crazy royals…