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Our Five Favorite Things from the Todd Snyder Show

Last night, the Gods of Fashion Week brought us a fall/winter line from none other than Todd Snyder—one of our favorite new faces of last year. There was plenty to like at the show... but instead of the items themselves (which won’t be arriving in stores until August), we’d like to draw your attention to a few styling tricks that you can try out in time for this winter.

The GlovesThe most surprising accessory: nearly all the models were decked out in army surplus fingerless gloves. It’s timely—at least for anyone trying to use a smartphone outside in February—but we’ll admit, the last guy we saw wearing these was asking for change.

The ShoesThe theme of the show was supposed to be “An American in Paris,” but the footwear was all English city boots from Tricker’s—which matched the urbane, paramilitary vibe perfectly. The military-style leg garters, on the other hand, are probably best left on the runway.

The GlassesWire-rimmed aviators were out in full force—equal parts Michael Bastian and Walter White.

The BeltsSnyder opted for thinner belts, with enough extra room for clever loops by this one. Add that to the trench coat held together by a slipknot, and you’ve got a style on your hands—and an easy one to follow, if you’ve got enough spare belt.

The Blaze OrangeWe can never see too much orange.