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On the Wing


Mashups of high and low fashion will always have a certain high-concept appeal, but it shouldn’t stop us from distinguishing between a good idea and a bad idea. And high-top wingtips are certainly the latter. Luckily, like pachinko and monster attacks, these unfortunate creations are currently confined to Japan, where they will hopefully remain. (We’re looking at you, Kanye.)

The problem isn’t just the spaceman look of the sneaker half. This is the rare mashup that manages to degrade both sides of the equation. Wearing them in place of actual wingtips would be unthinkable, but they’re too jarring to work as sneakers either. It’s hard to imagine even the most die-hard sneakerheads putting in the necessary time and care to keep the tips properly polished and oiled. After that, you’re left with something that’s more idea than shoe.

On the other hand, they’ll go perfectly with your tuxedo sweatsuit.

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