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On the Subject of Men Wearing Necklaces...

There’s been some talk lately about the resurgence of men wearing necklaces—specifically of the African bead persuasion.

Men wearing jewelry has always been a touchy subject, but when it comes to dangling religious or traditional baubles from your nape, we’re of the mind that it requires something chain-link and preferably with a pendant embedded in a manly thicket of chest hair. What we’re saying is: it requires a good amount of burliness to pull off something otherwise relegated to womenswear, and you ought to make sure it’s something that you can wear proudly (say, a cross, chai or trinket your grandfather handed down to you). To drive the point home, we’ve compiled some photos of brawny pretty-boys doing it right (don’t expect to see any purposely tousled deep-Vs or stacked bracelets).

Without further ado, a photographic ode to gold, silver and hirsute manliness.


  • Najib Benouar