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On the Raj


The Britons have been doing pretty well for themselves lately, but we’re surprised to see the latest trend coming from a corner of history we overlooked. Remember the Raj? Apparently Savile Row forgot too.

The empire may not have worked out so well, but certain designers are indulging in a little Kinks-y nostalgia. Duncan Quinn—whom you may know from a MOTH or two—just unveiled his latest line of ready-to-wear ties, inspired by the British Raj, and paired with a few of our favorite helmets, in case you need protective headgear to go with your new look.

We can’t imagine Waris is very happy about the new colonial chic—and actually, we can’t say we blame him—but who are we to [question Mr. Quinn](

Quinn’s launching the new line in true imperial style with Bombay Sapphire, ruby red wine, and tonic to ward off the native diseases. If you’re around this Saturday, it might be worth checking things out in person.

Oct 11th, Starting at 6:30pm, RSVP here New York: 8 Spring St, 212-226-7030

Other stores: Los Angeles: 8380 Melrose Ave, 323-782-9205 Dallas: 2420 Victory Park Lane, 214-953-1953