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Old Guards

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

There's something kind of frightening about this photo of Robert Redford and Christoper Walken—and we don't mean in the good way that Walken usually gives us the willies. Perhaps it's merely the fact that these two incredibly charismatic and stylish cinematic icons have gotten so damned old, while so few young fellows of any discernable panache or even talent have come along to replace them.

At first glance, these two classic characters, snapped at the Film Society for Lincoln Center's tribute to Meryl Streep the other night, have at least retained their sartorial sense, if not their youthful vigor. Redford's by-the-book black suit, white shirt and black tie, paired with dapper dark tortoiseshell specs, downplay the effects of age as much as possible. It's an ensemble that one equates with timelessness, which is exactly what Redford should be aiming for at this stage. He looks kind of clownish in that Tex Mex-meets-Sundance fringed leather jacket crap he sometimes sports.

As for Walken, the skewed bowtie we can live with. It shows he tied it himself—and here we must firmly speak out against the pre-tied trend—and it suits his quirkiness. We draw the line at his notched lapel double-breasted dinner jacket, however. A double-breasted jacket should only ever have peak lapels. We will brook no exceptions to this rule. He probably bought the damn thing back in the '80s and hasn't given it a thought since, but Christoper—Mr. Walken? Chris?—we beg of you, send that sucker to the Sally Ann post haste.

- J.P.S.