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Ol' Black & Blue Eyes

  • Jared Paul Stern


Kate Moss has led a colorful life, to be sure, even by supermodel standards. Once she even took time out from all the drinking and drugging to get treatment for sex addiction. But out of all the men in her life, the one snog that still gives her goosebumps just to think about came courtesy of Frank Sinatra—who was an octogenarian at the time.

The encounter took place at the Chairman of the Board's 80th birthday in fact, in Hollywood in 1995, where 21-year-old Kate was escorted by her then-beau Johnny Depp. Sinatra waited until Kate went off by herself to have a cigarette, then moved in for the kill, instructing his security detail to form a protective cordon so Depp couldn't get near.

“'So we were encircled and he's like, 'How are you doing, little lady?',” Moss recalls in a new interview with the London *Daily Mail*. “And I said, 'Happy birthday, Frank,' and he just lunged for me. He kissed me on the lips, then gave me an unfiltered cigarette. I came off all lightheaded. He was fabulous. There was still a twinkle in his blue eyes. Yeah, major.”

And an inspiration to us all.