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Off to the Races


It’s no secret that the blogosphere runs mostly on caffeine—much like the banks, the government, and the bulk of the western world. In fact, we’re inclined to chalk most of the achievements of human civilization up to the arabica bean. How else would we get anything done?

But like most fun things, we assumed it was bad for us. Not so, apparently.

The New York Times just informed us of an interesting and growing trend among runners. Many find downing a cup of joe before setting off for their morning jog can put a few extra miles in their tank or shave a couple minutes off their time. Muscular chemistry and the magical powers of caffeine combine to make bodies run a little faster, minds work a little better, and the previous night’s headache thump a little less persistently. That’s right: this stuff might actually be good for you.

To be honest, health concerns were the only thing holding us off from truly Balzatian levels of caffeine intake. Now? Sky’s the limit.