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Off the Wall


This is a snap from the latest redesign of Louis Vuitton’s Omotesando store in Tokyo, but it should look familiar to anyone who’s caught the traveling Murakami retrospective that’s been making the rounds for the past year.

The wallpaper and central flower-ball are all taken direct from the exhibit where they worked to great effect…but we’re not sure if it’s quite what we want in a retail setting.

Walt Disney comparisons aside, Murakami’s brand of iconic cuteness has always been a bit too intense for comfort. This stage of the exhibit, for example, comes dangerously close to sensory overload. That’s the kind of daring that makes people take him seriously as an artist…but it’s prickly enough that you might not want it crowding your shelf space.

Of course, Tokyo is Murakami’s home turf, so they’re unveiling the look in the safest possible place. But if it takes off, you might see this on 57th Street sooner than you think.