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Now You Can Bring the Fellow Barber Home

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Because as of yesterday, they’ve launched their own proprietary brand of grooming products—the same stuff Sam Buffa has been perfecting in his barbershops for years.

You’ll want to hop over to their (also) new online shop and preorder the lot, shipping before the end of June. While you’re there, you may be tempted to pick up a few other essentials from the likes of Odin, Filson and Baxter. Just go with it.

0617Kempt-Fellow-Barber-Goods-Complete-ShampooFellow Barber Complete Shampoo

0617Kempt-Fellow-Barber-Goods-Strong-PomadeFellow Barber Strong Pomade

0617Kempt-Fellow-Barber-Goods-Shave-CreamFellow Barber Shave Cream

0617Kempt-Fellow-Barber-Goods-Aftershave-TonicFellow Barber Aftershave Tonic

0617Kempt-Fellow-Barber-Goods-Walnut-Hand-MirrorFellow Barber Walnut Hand Mirror

0617Kempt-Fellow-Barber-Goods-Fair-Ends-CapFellow Barber x FairEnds Cap