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Not Fade Away


This gentleman has been causing quite a stir in the men’s style sphere lately—particularly in reference to those washed jeans.

He was snapped by the Sartorialist and Tommy Ton at Pitti Uomo, he’s inspired a crop of bloggers to profess a love for the kind of washed denim that, in simpler times, got tagged as dad jeans.

What does it all mean? Our take is this: man does not live by raw denim alone. There wasn’t anything wrong with this kind of sturdy denim before APC took over the earth, and there isn’t anything wrong with it now. In fact, if you’ve been watching closely, there are a few reasonably hip labels that never stopped making them and a few reasonably iconic figures who never stopped wearing them.

By the same token, don’t expect to get them past any maitre’ds. This elegant Italian gentleman can pull them off and look like a duke on vacation because, well, he’s an elegant Italian gentleman. Try on the same pair of jeans stateside and you’ll end up looking like a someone from a Land’s End catalog. There’s nothing wrong with that, but after all those elegant dark washes, it might be a bit of a comedown to think of your jeans as casual pants again.