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Nora Arnezeder Got Jokes

  • Kempt Staff

[caption id="attachment_21894" align="alignleft" width="217" caption="via Esquire"][/caption]

Une Blague: Esquire’s latest installment of “Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman” is not as much about the punch line as it is the wonderfully Parisian-accented journey, with Miss Arnezeder. [Esquire]

Over Andover Again: Ivy Style catches up with one of the most influential men in the American trad universe, Charlie Davidson. [Ivy Style]

Road Dog: Mashable has unearthed a rejected cover design for drawn by Jack Kerouac himself. [Mashable]

Hello, Brooklyn: In a surprising twist of sartorial-based economics, the Spanish hat trade is being supported by the dapper Hasidic Jewish population in Brooklyn. [NY Times]