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No Cars Go


Until recently, cargo pants were universally reviled. But in the past couple years, a handful brave souls have rolled out subdued versions of the mid-90s sartorial nightmare—Steven Alan, Apolis Activism and Rogues Gallery, to name a few. They weren’t exactly the old version; they always stayed slim enough, with small enough pockets, to seem like they’d arrived from an alternate universe where the 90s never happened.

But now…there’s this.

These cargos just arrived on Mark McNairy’s webshop with strikingly similar look to the version we were having nightmares about ten years ago. And, at the risk of eating our own trend-predicting tail, we’re going to say the obvious: they’re a pretty fantastic pair of pants.

The first step: While still sporting no less than eight pockets, McNairy avoided khaki in favor of more muted charcoal and olive. We’ve seen McNairy hit home runs with non-traditional colors before, and these trousers are no different. In fact, we’re pretty certain he donned an ochre version at Capsule this year. They also avoid the cargo kiss of death, boxiness, with less structured pockets, a slightly tapered leg and casually rolled cuffs. The result is enough to make us wonder if it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Now, onto hypercolor.