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Nine Thoughts on Last Night’s Mad Men

  • Adam Weinberg
  • Jason Wire
  • Najib Benouar
  • Shawn Donnelly


Every Monday from here on out—or at least until the mid-season break—the minds behind Kempt are sharing our thoughts on everything from the menswear to the old-style beer cans in last night’s episode of Mad Men.

052714_Mad-Men-Bert-Cooper-DanceSo that’s what Bert Cooper did all day. “He worked on elaborate show tunes...” —S.D.

And now, a quick moment of silence. “For Bertrand’s bow ties and expertly folded four-point pocket squares.” —N.B.

The MQP (Most Quotable Player) award goes to Pete Campbell. “He had a few great lines, including this one: ‘Marriage is a racket!’” —S.D.

052714_Mad-Men-Peggy-Burger-ChefPeggy finally has her ‘carousel’ moment. “In Season 3, Connie Hilton told Don, ‘When I say I want the moon, I expect the moon.’ Maybe he should’ve asked Peggy.” —P.L.U.

But really, which was the better pitch? “Peggy’s to Burger Chef or Don’s to Ted?” —N.B.

052714_Mad-Men-Old-Style-Beer-Can-Moon-LandingA prediction. “Within two years from now, this or that beer company will come out with vintage-style beer cans that require an actual can opener, like the Old Styles that Don, Peggy & co. were kicking back in Indiana just before the Burger Chef meeting.” —J.W.

If you’d like to see more of Bert Cooper (aka Robert Morse). “I recommend a 1967 movie called A Guide for the Married Man. He’s amazing in it—basically showing Walter Matthau how to cheat on his wife. A smart, funny film. Directed by Gene Kelly!” —S.D.

Because this mid-season break tomfoolery is the worst and inevitably we’re all going to forget about everything that happened by 2015, here’s your cheat sheet. “Roger is the new Bert. Don is the new Roger. Peggy is the new Don. Ted is the new Lane. Joan is the new Pete. Pete is the new... and improved Pete?” —N.B.

And now, for Adam’s Fun Fact. “Something worth remembering as Mad Men puts a bow on this half season: the series is 0 for 31 when it comes to Emmy acting nominees. Paging Bert Cooper (Robert Morse).” —A.W.