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Nicely Toasted


Part of the genius of the internet is that almost any idea can find a home there, even ideas that seem best suited to stand-up routines and Wes Anderson movies.

For instance, The Toaster Museum.

When we first heard about this, we were understandably skeptical, but the overall effect is something like stumbling into the garage of an obsessed collector. The model above is from Munich circa the 1920s but others include the first stripped-down General Electric models or the obscenely flowery items marketed to 50s-era housewives. The high ticket models can go for up to six grand on eBay, so we hope there’s an alarm system.

The madman behind this mind-boggling array of appliances is Jens Veerbeck of Essen, Germany, who offers the following survey of his collection:

There are some "Must have"-toasters every collector has to buy sometimes. For example the General Electric D-12s, a Mesco, a Pan Electric, a Universal "Butterfly" or in Europe an O.S.I, a Siemens Handbag or the first Rowentas. These models will make their prices on a more or less constant high level. Not to forget the "one of a kind"-pieces. Toasters you will see only once in your life.

This, apparently, is what obsession sounds like.