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News Flash: Huey Lewis Still F**king Rocks

Huey Lewis

It was with great pleasure that we were able to witness a bona fide Kempt style icon on stage last weekend. Yes, Huey Lewis, who delivered his famous brand of News, on the 30th-anniversary tour of his seminal album, Sports.

(The weather, by the way, was fantastically humid.)

Looking very much his handsome self performing for a black-tie benefit at the Saint Louis Zoo of all places, Lewis and the News brought it hard, with what could only be called a barrage of certified hits, those songs that everyone knows as soon as the first chord drops. “I Want a New Drug,” “If This Is It,” “Heart and Soul,” the list went on. A little “Power of Love” here. Some “Stuck with You” there. Sadly, Gwyneth couldn’t make it for a “Cruisin’” reprise.

The News, the bulk of whom are original members, showed razor-like musical chops, perfect harmonies and a lot of good old-fashioned goddamned charisma of the highest order.

We’ve been to too many concerts these days where someone pressing buttons on a computer is doing all the work. Say all you want about middle-aged dudes hanging on to their rock-and-roll dreams (and go ahead and make fun of Keith Richards’s age while you’re at it, tough guy)... to that we say: at least they can rock.

And as we were granted the privilege of some after-hours carousing with the legendary outfit, we can firmly say the heart of said rock and roll still beats.

Beautifully in time.

Do yourself a favor. Check out their tour this summer in a city near you.