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New York Men’s Day Spring/Summer 2015

  • Kempt Staff


Our favorite things from today’s presentations...

Lucio Castro 0903Kempt_Lucio_Castro_SS15_Accordion_Player 1. The accordion player. Really selling that Mediterranean aesthetic. 0903Kempt_Lucio_Castro_SS15_Rope_Belts 2. Rope belts. Had a certain Astaire-esque nostalgia to ’em.

W.R.K 0903Kempt_WRK_SS15_Techy_Jacket 1. This techy jacket. 0903Kempt_WRK_SS15_Jaguar_XKSS 2. The Jaguar XKSS. That might be Ralph Lauren’s, specifically...

Bespoken 0903Kempt_Bespoken_SS15_Legs 1. The legs. A wise man once said, “A leggy lady in a baseball jersey will sell twice as well as a leggy lad in a baseball jersey.” Or something like that. 0903Kempt_Bespoken_SS15_Side_Parts 2. Strong side parts. Of the heavily slicked-back variety.

Carlos Campos 0903Kempt_NYMD_SS15_Coral 1. All coral everything. Oxfords, short suits, pants, accent lines and diamonds, oh my. 0903Kempt_Carlos_Campos_SS15_Varsity_Jackets 2. The updated varsity jackets. The two closing looks actually feel pretty ripe for fall.