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Navigating the Gargyle Sale


The avant preppies at Gargyle are clearing house this weekend, with a three-day clearance bash running through Saturday. If you’re in New York, you can stop by their Orchard Street shop to see the goods in person—but if you’re anywhere else, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best of the bunch.


Velour Steven SweaterWe love a good heathered crewneck. And given the dour color scheme of most winter gear, we’re even happier to see something this eye-catching. It’s cotton not wool, so the $100 price tag isn’t as eye-popping as it might be, but we’re still plenty impressed.

Won Hundred Corden PantThis one’s operating firmly within the J.Crew-Steven Alan preppy consortium, but the gingerbread color and flap coin pocket move it towards the head of the class. The bonus round: it’s got outward-facing suspender buttons. The trads will love you.

Fred Perry PlimsolThis one’s simple: a $30 plimsol. If you managed to get through the summer without one, now’s your chance. The green laces aren’t too shabby either.

Whillas & Gun Botany JacketThis one’s been on our radar for quite some time. Whillas & Gunn is a bonafide Australian outerwear company, and this is their more dapper version of the bushman’s overcoat. It’s a massive item (don’t plan on folding it up in your briefcase any time soon), but if you find yourself braving the elements on a semi-regular basis, it’s one of the cooler ways to do it.

D.S. Dundee Double-Breasted OvercoatOur old favorite, the double-breasted overcoat. Dig the patches of tweed beneath the coller, the military epaulets, the tie-loosening swagger of it all. Come December, this is the only essential there is.