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Narciso Dumps Men, Tommy Dumps Stock and Tony Dumps Jess


"Help Us, George": If A-list Hollywood can't end your 40-year civil war, no one can. [AP]

FutureSex: It may never amount to love, but at least a robot won't ask you to shave your stubble. [Sun Herald]

Bull Market: No fool he, Tommy Hilfiger holds back on his IPO due to the falling Dow. We, meanwhile, watch Apple tumble. [Bloomberg]

Red Carpet Disaster: Ok, we _totally_ didn't know this "Cojo" guy was a dude. [Forbes]

Unmanned: Narciso Rodriguez, who's had a strong showing for the guys over the last few seasons, pulls his upcoming men's collection without comment. [FWD]

The Square Mile: London's men keep it sharp. [Vogue UK]

Kiki's Capsule: Kirsten Dunst trains her little, blue sights on a signature fashion line. [The First Post]

Highway Fascist: Roll like Il Duce for around $2,000,000. [BBC]

Deep In The Heart of Texas: The Daily News writes, "Tony Romo punts Jessica Simpson." Given his position, we would have called it, "intentional grounding." [NYDN]