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MTV’s Glory Days


You might not remember, but MTV was once a pretty exciting place. (We’re a little foggy on it ourselves.) Something about the convergence of grunge, the first flush of cable and the timeless rock-star cool made for one of the more exciting spots on TV. But we're pretty sure they still had cubicles.

This short from The State sums it up quite nicely, and after their spectacular flameout on the network, they should know better than almost anyone. They’ve been dropping vintage video clips onto their Vimeo page all week to promote their newly dropped DVD, but nothing sums up the flightly hipness and frustration better than the sketch that starts halfway through. Just skip through until you see the intern chuckling nervously, too worried to say what he really thinks of his boss.

Naturally, it never found its way onto MTV’s site…

MTV from TheState on Vimeo.

Skip to 1:10 for the MTV sketch