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Mr. Reid, We Presume

billyreidgq_crop.jpgvia Evan Sung/NYT

It’s already all but disappeared in the Fashion Week hustle, but we thought we’d take a moment to dwell on Billy Reid’s moment in the sun. We’re referring to his new status as the GQ-anointed Best New Designer in America, beating out J.Crew helmer Frank Muytjens and globe-trotting up-and-comers Burkhman Brothers. We’re going to go out on a limb and say he deserves it. Don’t call it a comeback…

The general line on Mr. Reid has been the resurrection of the southern gentleman, but these days we’re not so sure. (What would Robert E. Lee have made of this ensemble ?) Instead, we’d suggest a kind of antiquated shabbiness—we’re thinking intricate plaids, pseudo-vintage bomber jackets and khakis with a waistline circa 1938—that feels just about perfect for where menswear’s at these days. You might not know it from the parade of urban sophistication currently working its way through Soho, but rural style has its high points too. And like any gentleman, Mr. Reid is happy to point them out.