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Mr. Jonze


The latest GQ found room in its countdown of the 25 most stylish men in the world for one of our favorite polymath directors, Mr. Spike Jonze. They single out his love of the tie, but we’d add a particular bit of rule breaking to that equation: he’s not squeamish about wearing ties without a jacket, a combination that, in the wrong hands, can suggest a career in accounting. He’ll even try it with an untucked shirt from time to time, although we’re not quite ready to endorse that one.

The secret? Well, the skate shoes certainly don’t hurt, but mostly it’s that he’s obviously not an accountant. It’s a very rarified, specific look—something between a punk with a day job and a fourteen year old at Sunday School. More importantly, he knows who is enough to pull it off. In our book, that makes him the most impressive name in the book, and the hardest to pin down to a particular label. Maybe something between Band of Outsiders and Airwalk?