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Mr. Fantastic


After Monocle used their brand to launch a shop, a newsstand and a half-dozen brilliant collabs, it was only a matter of time before more pubs got in on the action.

The first to catch on is Fantastic Man, a boutique European biannual best known for favoring designers over models for their cover shot. But apparently two issues a year leaves them a little free time for other pursuits like perfumery, because they’re debuting the magazine’s signature cologne next Monday. They’ll follow it up with a candle collaboration with Acne, but we’re still waiting for a bit of apparel to creep into the mix.

Of course, with ad rates in dire straits, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was more money in the perfume business than in luxury periodicals, but it still seems like Fantastic Man is being a bit hasty. After all, knowing about style isn’t quite the same as knowing about scents. Monocle’s best move was their collaboration with Drake’s because it played on the best aspects of the brand: refined but modern, traditional but not opposed to an accessory or two.

Is the most memorably thing about Fantastic Man really the cologne samples?