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  • Jared Paul Stern

Moss Lipow

Sooner or later it had to happen: the rest of the world is discovering Moss Lipow, the brilliant, eccentric eyewear designer/historian who's been a closely-guarded secret of the cognoscenti for years. The New York-based, self-taught fashionista (he attended film school at NYU) is a darling of high-end design aficionados for his one-of-a-kind creations, such as the sci-fi-style metal specs pictured here, made for a *Vogue China* shoot. He also produced the most expensive sunglasses ever, crafted of alligator and ostrich skin with a $3,800 pricetag.

But it's his more down-to-earth men's designs, with their impressive layers of sophisticated stylistic references, that appeal to us, such as the “symphony of angular symmetry” known as the Scimitar, and the genius Double M, which we'd describe as Peter O'Toole in *What's New Pussycat*-meets-Fritz Lang.

Selected pieces from Lipow's collections have been available from time to time at high-end emporia like Barneys and Maxfield in L.A., though those in the know have always preferred a personal consultation with the designer himself, including a tour of his incredible 3000+ piece vintage collection (he's currently writing the definitive book on the history of eyewear design). Now, however, he's gone global; Lipow is in Hong Kong as we speak bringing sartorial enlightenment to the classier masses, and worldwide domination seems just around the corner. Oh well—we knew him when.