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Mind Your Boots

On the heels of our boot roundup, here’s a tip on keeping your boots in condition through the winter.

The gents at Leffot turned us on to a leather dressing from Montana Pitch-Blend that’s been conditioning rugged boots for 25 years. It’s a simple blend of pine pitch and mink oil—10 bucks will buy you a year’s supply and then some—but it’s enough to let you stomp through snowdrifts with a clear conscience. The oil is best if you’re ready to spread it on with a cloth, but there’s also a beeswax-based paste if you’d rather use your hands.

It’s also the closest most Red Wings get to a shoe shine, so they’ll come away with a darker, “glowing” color you usually only see in a polished wingtip. Think of it as a well-earned bonus.