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Mind the Buffalo

There’s nothing quite like an expletive-laced Hollywood rant.

David Mamet—the man who brought “always be closing” into the lexicon, for better or worse—popped up on our radar again for a vintage memo sent to the writing staff of his show The Unit. In essence, it’s a rundown of his entire theory of drama in a thousand words. We won’t bother you with the whole thing here—it’s quite long and not exactly gentlemanly—but we will say that it’s all in caps, and halfway through he starts adding asterisks for extra emphasis.

All of which is to say, it’s pretty awesome. We’re generally fans of soft-spoken reserve, but there’s something thrilling about having something to say, knowing how to say it, and then just screaming it at a crowd of people. And if you’re in the latter camp, Mamet’s a pretty good guru. He’s built a career out of two-fisted drama—usually the expletive-laced kind—and he might be the only honest person left in Hollywood. (Further reading here and here, if you’re curious.)

All that doesn’t mean we’d want him as a boss, but maybe as a motivational speaker…