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Michael Fassbender Had a Fun Night

Michael Fassbender had a fun Tuesday night.

So much fun, in fact, that he was escorted out of an after-party for A Dangerous Method for smoking indoors, waltzing with Viggo Mortensen and generally having too much of a good time. As you can see, he was escorted out on piggyback.

At the risk of libel, we shall assume that at some point he consumed an alcoholic beverage.

Naturally, a true man of honor never takes leave of his sense of decorum—but we have to admit, he sounds like a fun drunk. We’d even argue that, like Tobey Maguire’s poker bust, this is the kind of scandal that makes his reputation better.

We like Fassbender, but when the critics get around to describing him, whether he’s fomenting mutant revolution or having well-dressed, joyless sex, the word “controlled” tends to come up a lot. So it’s nice to see him cut loose, and put his movie-star charisma to good use instead of walking around like Daniel Day-Lewis all the time.

More importantly, it doesn’t hurt his “serious actor” cred one bit. There’s a proud tradition of hell-raising British actors from Richard Burton to Laurence Olivier—and we can only hope Magneto joins their ranks. The prospect of Fassbender aging into a Peter O’Toole figure is enough to justify our ticket to any number of dry period pieces.

The Oscars after-party is about to get very interesting.