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#Merica Week: Style Icons Being Patriotic

  • Kempt Staff


Welcome to Kempt’s #Merica Week. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is. Fuck yeah, U-S-A.

We continue our weeklong buildup to Independence Day with some stylishly patriotic inspiration from the icons...

070214_Patriotic-Paul-Newman-1Paul Newman

070214_Patriotic-Bruce-Springsteen-2Bruce Springsteen

070214_Patriotic-Ronald-Reagan-3Ronald Reagan

070214_Patriotic-Robert-Redford-4Robert Redford

070214_Patriotic-Justin-Timberlake-5Justin Timberlake

070214_Patriotic-Warren-Beatty-6Warren Beatty

Hunter S. Thompson on American Flag HammockHunter S. Thompson

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney

070214_Patriotic-Buzz Aldrin-9Buzz Aldrin