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Menswear and the Time 100

Time unveiled their Top 100 fashion icons today, and it’s ugly stuff. Of the full 100, there are about 10 gentlemen whose wardrobe we’d actually like to dig into. Unfortunately, it’s not all James Dean...

It’s not that the list is bad, exactly. It’s just the latest in a long line of stodgy fashion pieces that completely ignore menswear. It’s enough to make you think the last 10 years never happened...

This isn’t just the usual fashion/style conundrum. Even bona fide designers like Thom Browne and Hedi Slimane got left off the list, just because they do their best work on the male side of things. (To be fair, Time had to make room for the Olsen twins.) The “muses” section leaves off Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen...even Clooney. On the fashion side, they’ve got eight Vogue editors and no Jim Moore. In fact, no men of any kind.

Which, sure. If Timedecides that’s what “fashion” means, they will not be alone. Still, there’s a kind of Fashion 101 roteness to it, and we’d hoped that, after all these years and God knows how many trend pieces, it might feel stale to think of style as something that only has to do with women.

And if it feels like you saw this list before—maybe sometime in the late ’90s—we’ve got a pretty good guess as to why.