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Measuring Up Your Swimwear Options


The beach prep’s almost complete.

You’ve already determined your stance on tank tops, bought a beach blanket and assessed what it takes to don a Hawaiian shirt. And that’s all a great start. But the true be-all and end-all of summer readiness is deciding exactly how much pre-knee skin you’re willing to show. It’s a choice that’s left many a man blushing and befuddled, and that’s where we come in.

Now, you’ve probably seen the articles on swimwear selection that lump suits into classes like “the European,” “the confident man” and “the grandfather.” But we don’t believe in that sort of unnecessary categorization. Instead, we’d like to put on display the whole host of diverse beachwear selection. And show you that with a little strut in your step, any length will do just fine.

Accompany us, where we’ve organized all of your finest choices in swimsuiting by length of inseam—from boardshort to banana-hammock...

Inseam: 9″Photo 1 530

Inseam: 8″Photo 2 530

Inseam: 7.5″Photo 3 530

Inseam: 7″Photo 4 530

Inseam: 6.75″Photo 5 530

Inseam: 6.5″Photo 6 530

Inseam: 6″Photo 7 530

Inseam: 5.5″Photo 8 530

Inseam: 5″Photo 9 530

Inseam: 4″Photo 10 530

Inseam: 2.75″Photo 11 530

Inseam: 2.5″Photo 12 530

Inseam: 1″Photo 13 530

Inseam: Not ApplicablePhoto 14 530

That last one might take a little more strut that the rest.