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Match Point


We’re not much for sartorial backseat driving, but we saw something in the Post this weekend that was just crying out for a correction.

Describing the dandyish tendencies of Wall Street honcho Peter Krause, we ran across this tidbit: “Kraus color-codes his suits to match the band of one of his many designer watches, while his multi-colored ties usually work well with the timepiece's dial.”

We hate to crack down on any kind of flair in the style wasteland that is the banking industry, but this, to put it simply, is just not how it works.

Without using the s-word, we’d say that a gentleman’s style should consist of accumulating handsome items and combining them in a handsome, understated way. Color’s part of it, but you’ll almost always look better with a range of understated shades than working the same strip of dark red into as many wardrobe items as you can.

It’s the difference between a costume and an outfit.