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Mad Men And The Legacy Of Aly Khan

  • Najib Benouar

In last night’s Mad Men episode, it seemed quite apropos that during a gratuitous afternoon of speeding through town in a Jaguar and playfully sentimental bar talk between Don and Joan (it was a fully immersive test-drive) the name “Aly Khan” was batted around. Those of you quick on the uptake might have noticed the well-placed reference to one of our 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset 60s.

As the bar scene played out, the conversation led to talk of old times, Joan’s many suitors and how Don was practically the only man in New York who hadn’t sent her flowers. He admits that he was intimidated—plus, the sheer number of flowers arriving for her daily gave him the impression she was being courted by Aly Khan, nicknamed “The Love Prince.” It was high praise—Aly was a member of an elite group of men so impossibly charming and worldly that they’d become famous for it. You can check out his resume (which included starlets and models) here.

And we’ll direct you to catch up with the rest of the Jetset playboys of the 60s, time permitting. It’ll be a three-martini read.